FoVG Newsletters

Issue 20, November 2016

President’s report, Riverwatch Committee report on Low Flow, Pop-Up parties announced, firehouse fundraising successful, seeking to hire restoration worker, Captain Schultze’s House, restoration funding status, VG tee shirts and hoodies, trail bird sign. Redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregano) is featured.

Issue 19, May 2016

President’s report, PPP restoration update, annual meeting announcement, and  El Niño Daze report.  Propane options clarified, boat anchorage applications open, new t-shirt design and firehouse fundraiser announced. Bylaws are being updated and river otters have been spotted.  A bench for the gravel beach is coming and California Blackberry is featured.

Issue 18, October 2015

President’s report, call for a Board treasurer, history of the terrace railroad plus firehouse plaza restoration plans. Report from the Appreciation Beach Party, announcement of winter El Niño Daze fundraiser and new septic rules being considered. Pop-up parties are being planned. The FoVG flashlight-lantern is presented and a writeup about sequoia sempervirens.

Issue 17, April 2015

President’s report, PPP restoration update, a history note by Warren Payne, boat anchorage program announcement and Masked Ball report.  The Recreation Committee is working on summer events, FoVG Board elections are coming and Amazon.com “smile” donation program. Bob Firth is remembered. Also the firehouse and Ehrharta erecta blurbs.

Issue 16, December 2014

President’s thank-you message, VG firehouse improved, propane discount program. Venetian Masked Ball fundraiser announced, report on PPP trailhead and invitation to join a committee.  Reports from 2 events: potluck with local speakers in the town square and a talent show over Labor Day weekend at the firehouse. Sheet mulching and toyon blurbs.

Issue 15, April 2014

President reports on Estuary project, Recreational Committee and TMDLs effort.  Canoe and kayak anchorage program announced for 2014.  Report from the winter fundraiser.  Q&A about the hedgerow plan for the PPP boundary.   Restoration report on last season’s progress  FoVG is fixing up the firehouse.  Membership meeting announced.  Fox sighted!

Issue 14, December 2013

President’s message outlines the estuary project.  PPP debt is paid off!. Report from two fundraisers this past summer.  An elderberry tree is planted in PPP.  Restoration and Recreation committees are seeking members.  Announcement of the upcoming “Winter can be a Drag” dinner.  Boundary survey undertaken and management plan updated.

Issue 13, April 2013

President outlines upcoming events.  Homes and Gardens Tour May 26.  Boat anchorage program returns this summer.   Octagon House history writeup. Report from Step Back in Time winter dinner and Semper Virens award recipient, Victoria Wikle.  Reminder of upcoming community meeting. Bigleaf Maple article.  Plea for “Treasure Chest” donations.

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Issue 22, September 2017

New President’s message, birdwatching trips featured, Sheriff's visit report, septic rule changes are coming and the mimosa's garden party. Some VG name history, report from the annual membership meeting and restoration work is restarting. Firehouse update, western dogwood featured, no beach swings, but beach party (!) and two ospreys.

Issue 21, March 2017

President’s message, redwood falls in the Preserve, boat anchorage program on again this summer, birdwatching trips announced, new water main in town and Occidental's sewage plan. The LOIS is featured, news about the propane program, an update on Palm Drive, Wedding and Garden parties announced and blurb on the willow sprigging team.

Issue 23, April 2018

President’s message, PPP restoration challenges, mimosa party announced, Nod-A-Way and the Girot family writeup, river water quality do's and don'ts and post office tips.  Mad Hatter party report, Town Hall preveiw, propane discount program and wrap-up of the firehouse restoration project.  Poison oak featured and the anchorage program is starting again.

Issue 24, October 2018

President’s message, new pillars at PPP entrance, Measure U endorsement, Windmill House, Preserve update, Itty Bitty Party announced, FoVG Privacy Policy, propane refill options, July Town Hall recap, report on town square cleanup effort, Dutchman's Pipevine caterpillar and call for solutions to parking issues.

Issue 25, May 2019

President’s message, Villa Grande isolated by slide, STRAW in PPP, Fairy Tales fundraiser report, boat anchorage again, firehouse license extended, upcoming Town Hall, community garege sale on May 25, town square cleanup planned, black twinberry, member appreciation party planned and PPP tour event planned.  Also, insert about the floods of 2019.

Issue 26, September 2019

President’s message, Lisa Hug joins PPP team, road repairs coming, Janssen/Vail house history, PPP tour event planned, getting County recognition for Villa Grande, reminder about gift ideas, firehouse plaza cleanup gets underway, emergency planning progress, parking again, stinging nettle featured, fire safety tips and air quality monitoring.

Issue 27, March 2020

President’s message, Disco Daze fundraiser is coming, history of Sol Y Rio house, maintenance reports on the firehouse and PPP, boat anchorage again, multiple Villa Grande infrastructure projects underway, willlow sprigging in the Preserve, update on propane contract, bike rack added, "Off the Beaten Path" rescheduled and western sword fern.

Issue 28, October 2020

President’s message, Pandemic Pressure on PPP, restoration update, report on parking and crowds, Food Bank fundraiser report, Trains to the River (first 25 years), roads and drain plans for Villa Grande, spicebush writeup, donation match program continues and Off The Beaten Path fundraiser still in limbo.