FoVG Board of Directors

Board Officers until July 2023

Kyla Brooke, President; email

Kyra Wink, Vice President; email

Tim Cahn, Treasurer; email

Roberto Esteves, Secretary & Executive Director; email

Terms ending July 2022

Tim Cahn, Adjunct Professor of Law

Renata Foucre, Video Producer

Ruben Garcia, Union Organizer

Sukey Robb-Wilder, Retired Project Manager

Kelsey Sheofsky, Business Owner

Terms ending July 2023

Kyla Brooke, LMFT, Real Estate Agent

Roberto Esteves, Retired Librarian

Richard Holmer, Retired Sonoma County Manager

Shelley Russell, Retired Educator

Kyra Wink, RRCP, Healthcare Professional

Friends of Villa Grande Board Meetings

Date and Time: Check the online Calendar.

Until further notice, BOD meetings are held online. If you would like to attend, please email friends@villagrande.org for the link.

All are welcome.